Debarking of wood KAMAR-DREW

From the beginning, our activity has been focused on wood. At present, our activity is focused on the debarking of wood.

There are following four methods of debarking:
Manual debarking
Mechanical debarking
Pressure debarking
Hydraulic debarking

Debarking wood in Poland


We work in compliance with all health and safety standards and using only proven equipment

Efficient equipment

CAMBIO 45 - we use the highest quality and class wood debarkers


After debarking, the wood is stacked with cranes in the square under ...

We are a reliable wood debarking company from A-Z

We have always been involved in the debarking of wood

Debarking of wood

Debarking round wood consists of removing the bark itself or the bark with a sip from its surface.

Own square for storing wood

Due to the proper air flow, the wood dries quickly and is prepared for transport

Timber transport

We use specialized MAN and RENAULT KERAX vehicles to load and transport wood

We provide your company with the highest quality of wood debarking and professional transport

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Work equipment


Trucks for transportation


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